Welcome to NeuroFlow!

Midshipmen have access to NeuroFlow—a secure, private mobile health application for tracking, assessing, and managing your overall wellness.


Keep Track

Track your mood, sleep, stress, and pain to take charge of your overall health and be your best self.


Earn Gift Cards

Complete activities to earn redeemable points for gift cards to popular vendors!


Learn Skills

Build wellness skills with guided breathing, questionnaires, videos, audio guides, journals, and more.

How It Works

NeuroFlow provides easy-to-use tools and resources that guide and support your resiliency and readiness. You can learn relaxation techniques, enjoy video or audio guides, keep a journal, track your mood, sleep, or pain, and build helpful skills thanks to personalized, curated content sent right to your phone. NeuroFlow is HIPAA-compliant; personal data is de-identified and is not sent to your chain of command or medical leadership.

Technical Questions?

If you need help setting up your NeuroFlow account or accessing the app, contact tech support at support@neuroflow.com. We’ll respond within 2 business days.